There’s nothing quite like a gulp of sparkling water to quench a sophisticated thirst. Yet so many people drink glass upon glass without asking one important question: is that fizz that you’re after going to have a negative effect on your teeth? Carbonated drinks such as seltzer, soda and even sparkling water have […]

Caries (decay that can affect your teeth) and gingivitis (a disease that causes inflamed gums) are both very real threats to the safety of your mouth. The symptoms can accrue over time if you aren’t careful and diligent with your oral hygiene. Here are a few points on how to avoid caries and gingivitis to […]

There’s no way to keep your teeth fully clean with just your toothbrush. Dental floss and other interdental cleaners (small brushes, picks, etc) exist to remove the food and bacteria which gets lodged into spots between teeth that your toothbrush can’t get to. Letting those spaces go unchecked allows the trapped matter to turn into […]