Removing The Damaged Tooth

What is an Extraction?

Extractions involve carefully removing the damaged tooth from the mouth. After healing (or sometimes immediately), there are several options for replacing this missing tooth. These include bridges, implants, partial dentures, etc.

Why do I need an extraction?

The removal of teeth can be necessary for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: deep decay, a tooth too heavily damaged to be repaired, baby teeth that don’t fall out, 3rd molars (wisdom teeth) that are impacted (wedged between the jaw and another tooth or teeth), spacing (such as removal of teeth prior to orthodontic treatment like braces), etc.

Do I need to replace this missing tooth?

There are several ways to replace missing teeth. These fall into two categories, fixed and removable. Fixed options are those that remain in your mouth and do not come out, such as bridges and dental implants. Removable options can come in and out of your mouth, such as full and partial dentures

What can I expect during a Tooth Extraction?

We want to make sure that your experience is as comfortable as possible. Before you begin treatment, we will administer anesthetic to alleviate the pain you are feeling. During the procedure, you can expect to be very numb! We also offer nitrous oxide to help you relax. We will talk you through the procedure and, most importantly, listen to you! If you need a break or are feeling pain, we want to know.

You can expect to feel pressure during the procedure, but you should not feel pain. We will go over verbal and written instructions for post-operative care and educate you on what to expect. You will have a way to reach us after hours should you have any questions or concerns.

The extraction site will generally close up in about 2 weeks time, but it can take three to six months for the bone and soft tissue to regrow. Remember, tooth extraction is a common procedure and our caring team has years of experience helping patients through this easy treatment.