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  • June 24, 2019
Willow Lake Dental

The Willow Lake Dental Team is here to help you!

We get it, nobody dreams of spending their free time in a dental chair. For some people, just thinking about seeing the dentist causes them to sweat a little bit. Willow Lake Dental is here to help with that. Here are some of the reasons you can relax and feel comfortable when you come to Willow Lake Dental.

Why Dr. Tracy?

Willow Lake Dental and Dr. Tracy St. Dennis have helped a lot of people overcome their nervousness about coming to the dentist’s office and getting treatment. Our staff is kind and caring, we understand that people sometimes need a calming presence and a reassuring word.

We take the time to explain everything to you, if you want us to. Some patients feel uncomfortable when they are rushed through their procedures without understanding what is happening. That’s why Dr. Tracy and the staff at Willow Lake Dental know that taking their time and making sure patients are comfortable can provide a better outcome for everyone involved.

Why Willow Lake Dental?

Our clinic features state of the art equipment for diagnostics and treatment. When we were building our clinic, patient comfort was at the top of our priority list. That is why we invested in high quality, ergonomically sound chairs and dental equipment, along with equipping each room for nitrous oxide sedation. We’ve provided our staff with the best tools so they can do their best work.

We are here for you after your treatment. Willow Lake Dental is able to offer personalized service because it is a small, doctor owned and family operated dental clinic.

Dental anxiety can cause patients to put off needed treatment for years until the pain gets so bad they have to come in. This can often make problems worse and limit the patient’s treatment options. As with most things in life, taking care of issues right away typically produces the best outcomes. Don’t let fear or anxiety keep you from having your best smile.

About Willow Lake Dental

Willow Lake Dental is a family and general dentistry practice located in Vadnais Heights, MN. We are committed to providing high level service in a friendly and comfortable environment. We will be here for you and your family. As a family owned and operated practice, we are able to provide the continuity of care and family feeling that larger offices can’t. Give us a call today and see what makes us different.Call Now! (651) 294-9500

Willow Lake Dental

3475 Willow Lake Blvd, Suite 100 Vadnais Heights, MN 55110

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