Kohler Meadows Park
  • August 2, 2019

Kohler Meadows Park is a large, multi-use park facility located in Vadnais Heights. The park is located on approximately 29 acres at the corner of County Road F and McMenemy Rd.

This park was walking distance from our house when we lived in Vadnais Heights. Lucy and Violet liked to call it “castle park” because they thought the playground looked like a castle. The playground has equipment suitable for both younger and older children. The equipment is surrounded by a large sand area, so we would bring sand toys and play with those. There are paved paths that go all around the playground, so it is easy to access with strollers.

Features of Kohler Meadows Park

The park features baseball, soccer, football and basketball facilities. It also has 4 lighted tennis courts that are popular with local tennis and pickleball players.

There is a trail system that runs throughout the property and connects with the broader Vadnais Heights trail system. We used to pack up the girls in the double stroller and take walks through here a few times a week. 

The park has one of the best sledding hills for small children in Vadnais Heights. Its wide, gradual slope is a great first sledding hill for your kids.

Kholer Meadows Park - Vadnais Heights

The park pavilion is available for rent and features electricity, picnic tables, restrooms, running water and seating for 50 people. The pavilion is in the center of the park and allows easy access to all of the amenities, it would be a great place for a family reunion or company outing. Rental rates start at $75 for Vadnais Heights residents and $150 for non-residents. The park is operated by the City of Vadnais Heights. More information can be found on their website at cityvadnaisheights.com.

The park is named for the Kohler Family, who were one if the original founding families of Vadnais Heights. The remaining Kohler Farm was sold to the City of Vadnais Heights in 1993 for the purpose of developing the current park property.