Teeth Grinding Causes and Treatments

Have you been told that you grind your teeth at night? Do you find yourself grinding your teeth during the day? You may have a condition called Bruxism. Bruxism is a condition where you clench, grind or gnash your teeth. There are two types of bruxism. Sleep bruxism is where you clench and grind your […]

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We get it, nobody dreams of spending their free time in a dental chair. For some people, just thinking about seeing the dentist causes them to sweat a little bit. Willow Lake Dental is here to help with that. Here are some of the reasons you can relax and feel comfortable when you come to […]

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So it’s been a while you say? a couple of years you say?… Willow Lake Dental is here to help. We think there is enough guilt and shame in this world, so leave that in the parking lot and come on in; we are ready to get you back on track. Our clinic is comfortable […]